What does it mean to be happy? Only YOU can answer that for yourself!

What does it mean to be happy? Does it mean you need to be smiling all the time? Does it mean you have to be bubbling like a glass of champagne? I sure as heck know that I can be grumpy, look grumpy, sound grumpy, but still be happy. I don’t have a bubbly personality, sometimes I wish I did, but I don’t. I’m a little more of a “keep to myself” kind of girl but still happy. I can be having the worst day ever, but I would still say I was happy. I may not believe at a low point that I am happy, but I deep down know that I am.

Don’t let other people try to convince you that you’re not happy.

How the heck would they know? Are they attached at your hip 24/7? Do they see your highs? Probably not. They probably see you when you have a big fat mustard stain on your shirt, and your hair is day three on strike from the shower. It’s so easy to label people and try to tell them who THEY are. Not our job, (unless you’re a therapist and are getting paid to tell people they are unhappy, but even then, you would know about them on a personal level) We shouldn’t try and label each other, because we may just start believing it. Which can lead to insecurities and maybe even depression?

So what does it mean to be happy? For me it means being with my kids, having a clean house, waking up breathing, being in the sun, Christmas (NO this isn’t a tinder account description). Opening the fridge and seeing the food inside makes me happy. Having a home, vehicle, and good health makes me super happy. Happiness to me means freedom because right now we have it. Some countries don’t. Some women have no power, no say, no options. I am lucky enough to have those, and that darn well puts a smile on my face! What makes you happy? Focus on those things, and keep reminding yourself of those things. This is part of our “Let’s HAVE A POSITIVE 2018” challenge. Spend a day focusing on joyful times. Past or present.

I also know that not everyone is happy. It would be crazy of me to tell you everyone is happy. I have been at very low points where I can say I wasn’t happy, but WE have the ABILITY to take CONTROL of our lives and change it around. We have control of our emotions. We are able to turn our unhappiness around. Don’t let people tell you that you’re unhappy!! YOU and only YOU know what you are. We’ve got to start with ourselves, working on the inside. pexels-photo-415359.jpeg

3 thoughts on “What does it mean to be happy? Only YOU can answer that for yourself!

  1. To me.. Happiness is..

    Having a peace of mind.. Peace within, out and surrounding me.

    Happiness, is being thankful for what I have and to appreciate the good and having strength to do away with the bad.

    Happiness to me is… giving myself self love, learning (after all these years) how to put ME first. I’ve been there for so many people and put others before me (including my children) and forgot about me. I NEVER was on my “own” list. Instead of not being on my list, I decided to put my name first on my list.

    Happiness to me is… knowing how and when to say no, meaning it without guilt.

    Happiness to me is… exercising, mediating and enjoying Motherly Nature!!

    Happiness to me is.. Having joy and unconditional love in my life, and letting go of people and things that doesn’t make me happy.

    Happiness to me is… seeing a smile on my babies face…

    Happiness to me is… Living life, loving every moment, not giving up, being grateful, showing appreciation, being thankful, and counting EVERYTHING all JOY!!!

    Charlena Jackson —

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    1. I love this! I’m also learning how to so NO without feeling guilty. I hate to disappoint and let people down, but always being there can be overwhelming. It’s a goal I’m working on this year.
      So many things to be happy about. Finding happiness in all those things is such a success. It’s so easy to forget about those things ❤️❤️


      1. Thank you!

        I loved yours too!

        Yeeessss, I agree, I’m most definitely working on saying no.

        I’ve learned people become comfortable with knowing you going to say yes. It’s to the point, they expect it and do not appreciate what you do.

        What makes matters worst, the same people I help out, cannot ever help me when I need help. It causes me to be filled resentment.

        Last year, I wrote everyone a letter who I felt took ADVANTAGE of my kind ways and told them how I felt. I felt beyond AMAZING!!

        Everyone I sent a letter to haven’t been in touch, and I guess they rather not talk to me anymore, which is fine. The funny thing is, they showed me exactly who they are. Since they knew I wasn’t going to help them anymore, they rather not talk to me. Again, which is just fine with me!!

        Trisha, you are so right, it is overwhelming, especially, when you are not being appreciate. I looked over my life and told myself I was the blame for always trying to carry the load that wasn’t meant for me. I told myself, it was my fault, because I seen the signs over and over again. Now, it isn’t my fault, because I took a stand and I dust all of their burdens off my shoulder. …and it feels AWESOME to live for me!!

        Now, I am at peace, I feel alive, and I am LOVING it!!


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