Lets talk fear

 This has been heavy on my heart today. Fear is something that has always held me back from doing big things and kept me in a comfort zone I don’t always like. I’m always scared or “what others may think” or “what if I don’t succeed.” This has stopped me from doing a lot of things. I will get so excited about doing something and fear kicks in, and I have this stinky little devil always telling me “you cant do it, Trisha, sit down and let someone else do it.”

 I am SO done listening to the enemy hold me back from doing what I was put on this earth to do. I’m SO done with holding myself back. I have decided that I am only here once, on this earth. I am going to make my time here useful. I want to help people, to do big things, to get out of my comfort zone and to find myself and BE ME!

I am going to live my best life, be happy doing it, and when my time has come, I want to look back and say “you did everything you could, everything you were meant to do and everything you were capable of”.

 Goodbye fear, you’re outta here! Your day has come and its time to leave. Who cares what other people think. If they don’t like it here is the door, and you’re welcome to go. This year is about getting out of my comfort zone and taking leaps of faith that I never imagined making. I need to be the best role model for my children as I can be. 

If you’re like me, always living in fear, flick it off your shoulder. Cut the cord that is attached to you. Get out of the mud that’s dragging you along and step out of those bricks that are tied to your feet. Escape the fear and fill it with joy, peace and strength.pexels-photo-247851.jpeg

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