The importance of family days

Today my husband and I decided we were going to do something unexpected. Something we never do, but felt was much needed. We pulled the kids from school and decided we were going to have a day spent on the lake ice fishing. Of course when I brought it to the kids attention they were smiling ear to ear. Who doesn’t want to miss a day of school to do something we all love? Cmon mom, no brainer.

The weather was amazing! Little windy but nothing crazy like our typical windy days. We set up the tent, drilled our holes and away we went. Between us all, we caught about 15 perch. Not bad hey. Lots of smiles and lots of laughs along the way.

I sat there and looked around as if time was frozen. How amazing was this moment, how amazing is it to see us all together having such simple fun.

By simple fun, I mean something that didn’t cost us 100 dollars to do. We spent about 10 dollars on chips and water and bait and away we went. Oh and coffee hehe

We are a very busy family, our kids are very active and love sports. We run run rush rush. Hardly do we have the time to spend this kind of time together. Just us. Just us being us. I hardly felt guilty about missing school, especially looking out and seeing them having so much fun sliding on the ice and watching their faces light up when they caught a fish. Watching the bravery of them handling the fish when momma bear over here couldn’t bring herself to do it haha. Gosh they amaze me.

These are the moment I live for, cherish and hold close to my heart. These bonding times are soooo important. These are the memories that THEY will hold close to their hearts. The 5 hour ice fishing day that will bring us all closer and that will separate our busy lives. We sooo needed this, badly. Lots of times our conversations are- “you missed the puck here and there” “you were goofing around” “you should hustle out there”. We are a sports family and of course like any sports family, we have corrections we point out. Today we had ZERO sports talk. All talk about good memories, future goals, in the moment laughter. It was amazing! I cannot say amazing enough. Amazing amazing amazing.

Kids grow up so fast, you literally do not get this time back.

They are only 1,2,3,4,5 once, and every one of those years bring milestones that are unforgettable. I find it sooo important to embrace every stage whole heartily with your 100% undivided attention. (It’s hard sometimes with so many distractions with phones, emails, todo lists). When your with them, be with them. I didn’t have that growing up from my mom, so I give it out extra hard to them.

You will never reminisce when your older and regret spending and enjoying your time with your kids

I wanna finish off by saying- Thank you God for blessing me with this amazing family. Thank you for giving me the wisdom to parent them the best I know how. It was a great day with lots of quality time spent. We WILL be doing it more often. Maybe not during school days, but whenever we feel it’s needed.

Now filleting the fish! A whole nother story haha we laughed so hard we cried haha!

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