Our first time out of the country

img_3862I wanted to share a little bit about our first vacation out of the country. We’ve been vacationing in the mountains lots, but in 2012 we decided to go with the in-laws to Cabo. They travel to Cabo every year, so they knew the ropes. I started off the trip with a super sore throat (sucks right). My first trip and heading off sick. BLAH! I remember not knowing what to pack. I had hair extensions in and was FREAKING out because I thought security would pick up the metal and I would be super embarrassed standing in front of them taking hair pieces out one by one. I was a crazy first traveller. Did all the wrong things. Needless to say, I threw out a lot of things before going through security haha. img_3863

We arrived and it was beautiful! The palm trees, the smell, the friendly Mexicans. It was a dream come true.

We stayed at a little Inn called “Blarneys castle.” It was a fantastic little place on the hill, walking distance to downtown. They had security on site, so you felt safe. We were a bit iffy about not staying at a resort, but our in-laws have been here quite a few times, and we felt safe knowing that. Our rooms all faced a pool which was excellent. We were also the only ones in the Inn for the first few days, and the 10 of us filled up the bottom three rooms, so we had the Inn to ourselves which was pretty cool. If we lay in bed and kept the sliding door open you could see the pool with the ocean in the distance. It was neat because the Disney cruise ships docked in Cabo and from the Inn you could see Disney cruise ships every morning.The Inn didn’t have all you can eat food, so we headed out and bought groceries (and sore throat meds) and used their BBQ to cook meals.img_3865

There is nothing like waking up and having your morning coffee in the sun and listening to the sounds of the waves. It truly is paradise.

I would say I burnt to a crisp after the first day. We went down to the beach and enjoyed ourselves. I never wear sunscreen here so figured, meh, not for me! Well turns out it was REALLY for me, and I needed A LOT of it. My skin was very sore, and I learned my lesson quickly. 

We did some super great things in Cabo. Had a little too much fun at the mall, went to the HOTEL CALIFORNIA!!! The highlight of the trip by far (we left that place singing.) We went deep-sea fishing, which let me tell you, was something else. The waves were GINORMOUS, and for a moment I thought it was going to end like the Titanic. My husband-hung over woke up and caught a 99lb marlin. We both had caught one at the same time, but my super duper pipe cleaner arms couldn’t reel that baby in. I lost it the fish, and the fisherman was not happy. It is what it is. My husband reeled his in, and once we got back to shore, it was cut up and packaged up. It was such great fish. Super yummy.

  We went on a catamaran and met some pretty cool Boston people. The accent is to die for. Love it! They were so friendly, and we got to see some pretty cool attractions in Cabo. Boy oh boy, Mexico was sure fun, and made our very first vacation a memory that will last a lifetime! Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place to be, and I know that we will be packing our bags and heading out again real soon. The shopping was excellent, and we found everything we needed. We brought home some vanilla and some hot sauce and plenty of gifts for the kids. Our first vacation was a success, and I went home 12 days later with a nice brown tan and a smile on my face.

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