A little shopaholic

I think I made a mistake of introducing my daughter Ardennes. She has gone entirely bat sh*t crazy for that place. She earned herself some cash scoring some goals in hockey and has been saving her Christmas money. She had a relatively nice stack of bills saved up and how did she want to spend it on this fine Saturday you ask? Well Duh! No other place to spend your money than at Ardennes.

I watched this little person I created run around this store like a chicken with her head chopped off. I was gravely concerned about her sanity haha. Running up and down the aisles, throwing things into her arms until you couldn’t see her face. I wasn’t sure how it was humanly possible to even carry that much stuff. She simply amazed me.

She has zero sense of what things cost. She just knows what she wants. *inserts hiding face* not sure who she gets that from ;). She threw all this stuff on the counter and headed back for more. I was scared I would get attacked if I stopped this. Standing at the till trying to explain to her that “she may not have enough money” really didn’t phase her. She simply did not care (I guess I need to teach her a little bit more about saving and spending wisely in the near future).

The cashier goes a kick out of her. Makeup, notebooks, jewelry and earphones. She had it all, and she wasn’t leaving without it.

Needless to say, momma got some chuckles and seen a side of her I never have seen before. She’s determined and stubborn, yet gentle.

She scored some good deals, without knowing it. Very proud of herself, she came home and showed daddy all her new collections.

Day with daughter=PRICELESS

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