Oh those dreadful Monday’s

Mondays= One word….tired *insert yawn*

Thats how Monday’s always feel for me. I’m sure it feels that way to majority of people. Who likes Monday’s? I just want one more day to recoup, refresh, get the checklist done and relax. Weekends go by way to fast for our household. I usually think back and forget what happened Saturday or forget there was a Saturday. Monday’s leave me tired physically and mentally. Squeezing so much into two solid days off is just impossible.

I woke up feeling drained. We stayed up late watching the Super Bowl and cleaning the post Super Bowl disastrous mess. It was hard this morning.

Recently I ordered some super cute coffee mugs from urban planet. You can truly never have enough coffee mugs. The one I reached for today, seriously spoke volumes. I reached for this same one last week after a long work day. It’s message pumps me up yet calms me down at the same time. A sense of assurance.

“Babe, you got this”. 

You’ve got this week! You’ve got this Monday. Your a strong women and you have this under control. Sometimes it feels like we are weak and exhausted, but there is a strong fighting women in all of us. We’ve got this!! How much more wise can a coffee cup be? It’s amazing and a little message I SERIOUSLY needed this am! I’ve got this! I’ve got this! I’ve got this!

Whatever this crazy week may bring, as much as we are exhausted, we’ve got this guys!! Keep telling yourself that and pump yourself up. Self talks are the best kind.


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