Just a little stress

Okay kidding!! More like A-LOT of stress. These past couple weeks my stress level has seemed to spike. I’ve been dealing with some of the top scenarios I never thought I would have to deal with. They are probably silly to some, but to me, it’s a huge deal and living with a dark cloud over you is so hard some days.

I have to remember to take time out for myself. Take time to breathe, take a warm bath, have a cup of tea and put my feet up and have some blissful quiet. It’s always easier said than done when you have children, but we as moms, seriously have to learn to do this.

We are always running. Here, there, everywhere. Trying to remember a dance shoe and a hockey helmet and a water bottle. These little worries can lead to a significant ball of stress. That’s where I am right now. Sometimes I overwork myself to the point where I will get sick, which is also where I am at the moment. It’s my bodies way of saying “lady, slow down!”

I always go to the verse in Jeremiah. “For I know the plans for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11.

God knows our plans, and when we I out on my own and try to do it myself and try to plan my future the way I find fit, I always end up in anxiety and stress. I have to remember that Gods plans for my life don’t involve stress and anxiety. It’s something much bigger that will bring me happiness and peace! That’s what I want!!

If you’re a busy mom on the go like myself. Take some downtime for yourself, or you’ll drive yourself crazy, and you’ll find yourself caught up in drama, gossip, anger, hurt and stress. Wake up an hour early and have a cup of coffee in the quiet. Go to bed an hour later once the kids are in bed and have a cup of tea or a nice warm bath and relax. Recouping is a daily exercise that we need to practice. I also firmly believe in self-talk. Tell yourself your strong, brave, bold, and that you’ve got this” sometimes that’s all it takes to settle us down and to reassure ourselves that WE HAVE GOT THIS!!

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