The winter blues

Recently being out and about I have heard this phrase being said a few times now. We have had such crazy weather lately. From -40 one day to 0 the next. I can totally understand how a person could be feeling down with this wild weather. How can we escape the winter blues?

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to get away and travel somewhere nice, that’s definitely my first suggestion. I know it’s not always that easy for everyone, and typical Jan, Feb, and March are financially straining with all the catching up we are doing from the holidays.

What are some things we can do to jump out of these winter blues?

1.) Start planning and prepping for spring. I find for me that getting ready for spring motivates me and puts a smile on my face. Get your flower seeds out and organized. It’s nearly time to start your seedlings. Get your soils and containers ready for the upcoming weeks. Get your spring cleaning done early. Blast the music maybe your fave SUMMER tunes, and get busy.

2.) Change a room around. We’ve been stuck inside all winter staring at the same walls for far too long. A change is in order. I usually change one of my kid’s rooms around or the playroom. Switch and swap out some home decor and make the house feel like a little different.

3.) Start working out. Join a challenge group or flick on YouTube and find some workouts that you can do at home. Start small and work out at your own pace. This will get the blood pumping and the motivation up. You wanna look good for summer anyway, right? Right now is a perfect time.

4.) Have some company over for game nights. We tend to overwork ourselves in Jan and Feb to pay off debt and keep busy because it’s too cold to do anything else. Friends can sometimes be put on the back burner. Have a fun night with your friends. Smile and laugh.

5.) Take a nice warm bath and have some you time. Every now and then we need to re-program our brains and get ourselves thinking positive. I know I personally need to have alone time to just get rid of the negative junk that sometimes runs through my mind and a nice bath with some relaxing music usually does the trick. Read a good self-lifting book and get inspired.

Be patient my friends. Spring is right around the corner, and soon your windows will be open, and that fresh air will be blowing through the home. I know I CANNOT wait to get outside and start gardening. Winters in Canada are faaaaaar too long. I know we sometimes feel STUCK during the winter, but the END IS NEAR!!




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