10 chores to get your home spring ready

10 ways to get your home spring ready.

Okay so spring isn’t here YET, but it’s only a day away and if your anything like me, you like to be planned, prepped and organized.

I always make a list of things I plan to do every spring for cleaning-Danny tanner always inspired me to be a better cleaner 😉

Each list item usually takes half a day to complete, but it’s always much needed and makes the home feel lighter. Let’s face it, in winter our homes collects dust, collects smells and collects junk. Spring is time to de-clutter and get ready to open those windows again and let that fresh air blow throughout the house.

With every room I clean and organize I like to use my “throw out 10 items OR/and donate 10 items” rule. Every room usually has 10 items that can be thrown out and usually always 10 items that can be donated to good will. Closets definitely have 10 things that can be donated.

1.) Take everything out of the kitchen cupboards, wipe down the insides of the shelves and doors and put everything back neatly and organized. Soups with soups, coffee and filters together, breakfast foods together. You get the drift.

I like to do this because I can go and check all expiry dates and get rid of what may have been sitting in the cupboards a little too long. I can also organize it by expiry date so when I go to grab something to make, like a side dish, I know I’m grabbing what needs to be eaten first. Plus clean cupboards make me happy and cracker crumbs get left behind from my kids so it’s nice to get things back to normal.

I also do this with plates and cups and all Tupperware/pots and pans. I take it all out, clean the inside cupboard and put it all back in while reorganizing.

2.) Clean out the entire fridge. Check expiry dates. Wipe down all shelves, and give your fridge a facelift inside. Do the same for the freezer. You’ll be surprised what you may have in the freezer that may be freezer burnt or needs desperately cooked before it goes bad. Sweep/mop the floors.

3.) Pantry!! Get that pantry back into tip top shape. Dollar store has so many items to buy for organizing a pantry. Organize by categories. I promise you it will make your life easier. Breakfast stuff with breakfast stuff. Side dishes with side dishes. Pastas with pastas. Sauces with sauces. Protein powders and smoothie accessories together. Juice boxes and school snacks together. It’s amazing how much time you will save in the pantry when it’s all organized. It will be grab and go.

4.) Lets head to the living room. Move couches, chairs, coffee tables and sofa table. Maybe you found the remote that’s been missing for half the winter ;). The goodies I find under the couch never fails to amaze me. I usually find things that I have written off as “lost” and I manage to find all my pony tails. I always vacuum corners and under the couches. I also wipe down my leather couch with special cleaner for leather. I also wash the wall behind the couch- It’s never dirty but hey, while I’m there I mine-swell give it some TLC too! Dust dust and dust some more. Ceiling fans, light switches door knobs and tv stand. After all that I wash the walls with Mr clean lavender. It smells like spring and I love it!

5.) Time to dig into the front closet. Let’s face it, it’s a mess! Toques, mittens scarves and winter boots lying around. I have a in labeled “winter” and every spring I stick all out winter gear in the tub and haul it downstairs to storage and bring up the spring bucket. Vacuum out your front closet then mop that dirty floor. Organize jackets and bring the spring coats to the front and move the winter jackets and snow pants to the back. I put all our rain boots, sandals and shoes in the closet in place of the winter boots.

6.) Over to the bathrooms. We only have one, so it’s easy peasy and doesn’t take long. I always bring everything visible out of the bathroom. Scale, everything on the counter, all shampoo and soups that are in the shower, Kleenex and anything that may be sitting on the counter. I use my favourite Mr. Clean lavender because like I said before, it smells so good and leaves the house smelling like lavender. After everything is wiped down and the shiny things are shiny again I go through all the cupboards and put what hasn’t been used within the year in a pile. I seem to collect a lot of things and saying goodbye to them is usually hard. My rule lately is “if you haven’t used it in the year, chances are you don’t need it”. This proves to be true when I’m going through makeup and makeup samples. I don’t throw it out, I like to give it away or donate it. Lots of things have never been open. I wouldn’t give away a half used bottle of mascara or anything.

I organize what’s under the sink, and throw out what has collected dust underneath the sink. Sweep and mop.

7.) I get the kids involved in this one! Twice a year we deep clean the closets in their bedrooms and the toys in the play room. We go through clothes and bag up clothes that don’t fit anymore. Toys add up quickly in our house so we also bag up toys that haven’t been touched or toys that are simply outgrown. Broken toys get the toss (this one is hard for my daughter because she is a hoarder and hates to throw out a single thing). Clothes are usually sold and the kids keep the profit. Toys we donate in those big bins they have outside gas stations and our superstore has bins outside to donate too as well. They organize their closets how they like it and they each help wash walls and vacuum carpets.

8.)It’s time to head to the master bedroom. This one take me a good solid 4-5 hours. I remove everything from my closet and say my goodbyes to old clothing that I know I’ve got to let go of. I haven’t worn it in 5 years I highly doubt it’s getting any attention any time soon. I usually don’t sell my clothing, I donate to women in need.

I like my clothing colour coordinated so I start with lights and make my way down to black. I’ve never pieced outfits together and organized that way, but sometime I think I may try it out and see how that method works. My closet is packed full and my dresser is a pair of jeans away from bursting open. I have three solid drawers dedicated to pyjamas. You can never be too comfy right? After digging through the dresser and tossing what is old and putting aside what is in good condition, but never worn I empty night stand and dust and clean dressers and walls.

9.) medicine cabinet- head colds hit us hard this winter so my medicine cabinet is a pretty huge mess from digging around. I suggest you got through it all, check expiry dates, refill what’s empty and reorganize it.

10.)Screens-I do this once a year in the spring. It’s always the last on my list, and when this is done I usually put my feet up and feel like superwomen for making my home feel lighter and less cluttered.

All screens that I can remove, I take out, use a cloth and some dish soap and gently wash in the shower and rinse off with hot water. I usually wait until the weather is warmer and they can be outside for the sun to dry them off.

I didn’t get every room, but these are the big ones in our home that seem to collect the most junk and the most dirt and dust. These are the spaces that need the most attention. Our Canadian winters calls for A-LOT of indoor activities and once the kids can get back outside it feels refreshing to know that the house is back to itself and clean clean clean!

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